Jean Campbell

 Jean J Campbell, M.Ed.
Academic Studies Teacher

North A& T State University
Shaw University
Lesley University Graduate School

Academic Studies---

WELCOME!! I am excited to have your son/daughter in my Academic Studies Class this school year.  ACADEMIC STUDIES is a resource class designed to develop, strengthen, and improve skills for positive academic performance and achievement.  Through content area course work, cognitive learning strategies are taught with a focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills, test-taking, and the enhancements of written expression. Basic skills in reading, math, writing, and vocabulary will be reinforced. Students’ progress is monitored and reviewed throughout the year according to their IEP’s (Individual Education Plans).

Academic Studies Goals:

  • To assist the students in becoming independent and successful learners
  • To monitor the students’ progress toward meeting the IEP goals and to assist the student in successfully completing all courses of study
  • To maintain communication with the student, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other staff involved with the education of the student
  • To introduce and develop skills needed for learning


It is expected that students will come to class prepared with the materials needed for Resource.  Students are expected to maintain a reading and writing journal.  Students will complete assigned work in order to achieve goals on their IEPs and review/complete assignments from their content-area classes.


In order to be successful in Academic Studies:

  1. Utilize time wisely.
  2. Follow classroom rules.
  3. Attend class daily.
  4. Ask for help