MAP Testing

MAP TESTING MAKE-UP  (12/14/2020  to 12/18/2020)

All  Grade 9 students who did not take the MAP Testing will be taking  MAKE-UP MAP Testing

The students can take the MAP testing virtually

Log in to

To get your session name and session password you must join the google meet 

Please find the link below for google meet to take the MAP Testing  


Marlboro County High School

Guidance to Testing Completely Virtually

During complete virtual testing, Dr. Brown, Mr. Shekar, Mr. Bracey, and Dr. Watson will be available by ZOOM for teachers needing tech support and/or troubleshooting support.

Prior to Testing

  1. MAP schedule and instructions will be re-posted on social media and the school website.
  2. Homeroom testing Google Links will be posted on the school website under the student/parent tab.
  3. Alert Now calls will be sent to inform families of the completely virtual shift.
  4. Zoom links will be sent to teachers via email for tech/troubleshooting support.

During Test Administration


1. Log into ahead of schedule and open your testing session

2. Verify that the school-approved communications platform (Google Link) is working before the session begins

3. Connect with students as they log into their devices using the school-recommended communication platform (Google Link)

4. Provide students with the test session name and password

5. Read the school/district approved proctor script

6. Work with students and parents/caregivers to successfully sign students into the assessment

7. Begin testing; teachers will stay online and monitor students during the entire testing session

8. Refer to the MAP Growth remote testing troubleshooting guide as necessary


1. Work with your parent/caregiver to login to your homeroom Google Link and the assessment website (

2. Follow the instructions provided by the teacher

3. Direct any questions about the test to the teacher

4. Ensure that you are only using the tools (accommodations) that have been approved by the school/district

5. Do your very best, test in a well-lit area where your teacher can monitor the entire testing session, and answer the questions at your own speed

Parents / Caregivers  Hot Spot Tech Support:  Technology Office address is 221 Bulldog Rd Bennettsville SC and the support telephone number is 843 454 1997. We will be available Mon-Fri from 7:30 am-4:00 pm for phone or onsite support.

1. Help the student to login using the test session name and password provided by the teacher

2. Ensure that the student is following all rules laid out by the school/district and that the student is not using

unapproved devices or accommodations

3. Monitor progress of the student and ensure that technical difficulties are not preventing the student from trying

their hardest

4. Be prepared to contact the teacher should any technical issues arise (843-479-5941)

5. Enable the student to demonstrate what they are ready to learn by not providing assistance in answering


Ending Test Session


Once students have all completed their assessment (or when the session ends,) proctors should do the following:

1. Notify students that the session will be ending

2. Make careful note of students who were unable to finish

3. Suspend the test of those who were unable to finish

4. Save and exit the testing session

5. Make arrangements with relevant students to finish their tests at a later time


1. Let your parent/caregiver know that you are done with the test

Parents / Caregivers

1. Help your student shut down the MAP Growth assessment window

2. Ask the student how the assessment went, what they think they did well, and what questions they found most




Each 9th-grade homeroom teacher will monitor their Google Link.



AM Testing Subject

8:30 AM

Tested Grade Levels

Test Administrators



Math Growth Make up

Ninth grade students

  1. Ms. Whittington
  2. Ms. Bass
  3. Dr. Valluru
  4. Ms. Vesa
  5. Mr. Andrews
  6. Ms. Boatwright
  7. Mr. McDonald
  8. Mr. Pierce
  9. Mr. Brune
  10. Ms. Robyn
  11. Ms. Heyward
  12. Ms. Campbell
  13. Ms. Niglio
  14. Ms. McFarlane





Reading Growth Make up

Ninth grade students



Math Growth Make up

Ninth grade students



Reading Growth Makeup

Ninth grade students



Math Growth Make up

Ninth grade students




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